Deep Time ft. Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz of the Long Now Foundation

In this episode, we visit Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz at the Long Now Foundation's Interval bar to explore the concept of Deep Time and its relevance to our rapidly accelerating world.

As Director of Development, Nicholas advances the mission of The Long Now Foundation by building and fostering relationships with the people and organizations who support the foundation's vision for long-term thinking and responsibility.

Nicholas has a broad academic background that spans systems engineering, design thinking, contemporary philosophy, and depth psychology. He earned a degree in Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 02007 and has spent the past decade actively engaging with the fields of philosophy, psychology, and design. He is currently interested in phenomenological conceptions of time and responsibility.

Prior to joining The Long Now Foundation, Nicholas advised corporate firms on design strategy, enterprise sales, and business development. He also toured in a few rock bands. He currently lives in San Francisco where he reads, writes, and reflects on the future.

Matthew Pirkowski