Catalyzing Coherence - An Introduction

What is Coherence, and why is it such a necessary concept?

In today’s world of exploding complexity, we require new tools to help information flow between groups that would otherwise find themselves culturally isolated by different perspectives and driven by disparate values.

We can no longer afford to fight under the pretense of monopolizing the world’s frame of reference, yet we must find a way to do so that retains the capacity for coordinated problem solving and value creation.

We're working to help make sense of this complexity through the eyes of those on the frontiers of art, science, spirituality, and culture. The 21st century is going to be a wild ride, but with a bit of luck, and a culture of coherence, we can make it a century of unparalleled flourishing.

We are Catalyzing Coherence.


Episode Artwork - Cynthia Schuman

Podcast Cover Artwork - Vera Gould

Matthew Pirkowski